About the company

IZOLTECHNIK CZECH s.r.o. is a renowned building company with its headquarters in Česke Budějovice being founded in 1996.

We are specialists in the fields of insulation and revitalisation of pre-fabricated panel buildings and blocks of flats. We also realise civic buildings (schools, dining halls and other establishments). Annually, we revitalise some 40 buildings in South and Central Bohemia, including Prague.


We provide:

  • Insulation of  peripheral cladding with the external thermal insulating composition system (ETICS),
  • The supply and assembly of new balconies and enclosed balconies, repair of existing and enclosed balconies,
  • Flat and inclined roofs, including insulation,
  • Production and assembly of our own branded UPVC and aluminium panes for openings (windows, balcony doors, front doors),
  • Engineering services (arranging of building permits, gaining access to public areas for temporary use during construction, project documentation etc.),
  • Building constructions, including their changes and demolishing them.


We hold the quality management certificate in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001, the environmental management system in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 14001 and the system for management of safety and protection of health at work in accordance with ČSN OHSAS 18001.


Our vision is to increase both housing quality and standards. We put significant emphasis on professionalism and constant improvement of our work.
We identify with the statement that quality cannot be guaranteed at minimal cost.
Our aim is to provide comprehensive services that will save our clients' time and money


IZOLTECHNIK CZECH s.r.o. is a Czech company with an 18-year tradition in the Czech building market.
IZOLTECHNIK CZECH  s.r.o. is a secure and reliable partner for the overall revitalisation of buildings. 







Jana Milíče 679
370 01 České Budějovice
Tel/fax: +420 385 510 493, GSM: +420 775 216 637
e-mail: budejovice@izoltechnik.cz

Contract division:

Tel: +420 739 633 928
e-mail: berger@izoltechnik.cz


IZOLTECHNIK CZECH s.r.o.  - branch Prague

Střelničná 1861/8a
182 00 Praha 8
Tel.: +420 739 633 928

e-mail: praha@izoltechnik.cz

Contract division:

Tel: +420 739 633 928
e-mail: berger@izoltechnik.cz